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Upgrade your morning routine with natural heart opening goodness. Learn how to introduce Cacao onto your daily life, find recipes, meditation tips and more…

Health and Spiritual benefits

The magic that exists within cacao is one of the worlds biggest kept secrets. Find out more in our guide…

Where it began

2012 was the end of Mayan Calender. A date that many thought was the end. Little did they know – it was just the beginning, learn more here…

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A sacred journey to the heart with the spirit of Cacao through meditation, healing, music, mantra and dance. Allowing you to remove all that is holding you back from being the magnif icent person you truly are.

The Story

FULL POWER CACAO has been 10 years in the making, she was birthed in 2012 after Liam’s trip to Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual adventure he met the Chocolate Shaman on the majestic Lake Atitlán and the trajectory of his life was changed forever.

He worked closely with the Shaman and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Lady Cacao and wanted to share that magic with everyone he met. This is when the journey began….

Now that magic is ready to be shared with you and the whole world!

Latest News

People who eat Cacao are less likely to be depressed???

We have found an amazing study by University College London stating that eating dark chocolate (Ceremonial Grade Cacao even more so) may positively affect mood and relieve depressive symptoms, finds a new study looking at whether different types of chocolate are associated with mood disorders.

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Farmers of Venezuelan Cacao

FULL POWER CACAO finds it origins in Venezuela where our Cacao is planted, grown, picked and processed by family farmers. They are all part of the “PLAN MÁS CACAO” project which is a plan of growth for the farmers of Venezuelan cacao, to improve their

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The Story of Cacao?

• SOME BACKGROUND ON CACAO •  “Eve left the garden of eden for chocolate” Theobroma cacao is what our modern day chocolate is made from, although as you’ll see, there are significant differences between a bar of Cadbury’s or Hershey’s chocolate and the mystical magical

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Our customers love us

As an Energy Healer, I can confirm this Cacao is of the highest vibration and perfect for Ceremonial use. It’s alsolike drinking a golden elixir of love and powerful energy. I can feel my heart burst open and it always connects me to the divine. Paulina Griffin Multidimensional Healer
If you want to feel like a God, connect with the powers of ancient Mesoamerica civilisations, reignite that connection to nature, break down any limiting beliefs, feel full on high vibrations and expand your heart space even further, then you need to get on this Full Power Cacao. James Moon Explorer, Cacao Magician & Business Man

I gave up coffee almost a year ago, something I’d crave as soon as I open my eyes. It’s now Cacao I crave, not just for the delicious Full Power taste but for all of the life changing benefits it has brought to me.

Jo Holden
Holistic Therapist


Full Power Cacao is by far the best brand I have tried for my Ceremonies. It’s smooth and chocolatey, super powerful with just the right amount of bitterness that I love.

Paul Mackinson
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator & Musician