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Our Cacao

Where is your Cacao made?

Ethically sourced in Venezuela, divinely blessed in Manchester with the highest vibrational energy. Cacao is a plant medicine and classed as a superfood for its nutritional content. It can be used for ceremonial purposes or as an empowering and heart opening FULL POWER hot drink.

Where is your Cacao from?

The Sur del Lago Region of Venezuela. It is one of the oldest and most interesting regions of Cacao cultivation in the world. It is located in the northwest of Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands southwest of Lake Maracaibo in the state of Merida. This region offers Cacao farmers very favourable climatic conditions for growing high quality Cacao. The cultivation areas are surrounded by tall shade trees, there is tropical heat and there is sufficient water.

Sur del Lago is harvested from Criollo and Trinitario trees and is known for its ripe and intense flavour.

Sur del Lago belongs to the noble Cacao’s of Maracaibo. The name of the Sur del Lago-beans is also the name of the region of origin.

Why Venezuelan Cacao?

Our founder Liam Browne decided he wanted to find the best Ceremonial Grade Cacao on the planet to put his name on and make available to people so they could make a deeper connection to themselves and the nature around them. He tried Ceremonial Grade Cacao from all over the word and the one from Sur Del Lago won hands down. The history of cocoa in Venezuela is the history of cocoa as we know it: the delicate Criollo and the hardy Forastero – the two original subspecies of Theobroma Cacao originate from the forests of modern-day Venezuela. From leading world producer in the 17th century under the Spanish Empire, Venezuela today represents only 0.5% of global cocoa production; a production which, however, from a quality point of view holds the crown for excellence worldwide.

Sur del Lago is one of the oldest and most interesting regions of Cacao cultivation in the world. It is located in the northwest of Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands southwest of Lake Maracaibo in the state of Merida. This region offers Cacao farmers very favorable climatic conditions for growing high quality Cacao. The cultivation areas are surrounded by tall shade trees, there is tropical heat and there is sufficient water.

How is the Cacao dried?

Drying is achieved by the sun on drying decks.

How long is the fermentation process?

The fermentation process is done by removing the Cacao seeds from their pods and placing them in large wooden boxes for 4-6 days. 

What's the aromatic profile?

Blended from Criollo and Trinitario beans, this Cacao has a hearty and beautifully rounded chocolate flavour. It is full-bodied and robust, with pleasant aromas of hazelnuts and almonds, as well as a characterising fruity aroma. The bean is fine and delicate with low acidity and low astringency. You will find as well floral nuances, the Cacao flavour can reach a very short bitter note in the finish.

Why is your Cacao so amazing?

ICAM has identified and selected this unrivalled Cacao from the tropical coasts south of Lake Maracaibo; a unique ecosystem where the Andean cordillera encounters the mixed environment of fresh and saltwater of the tidal lake Maracaibo and finally, the Caribbean Sea. The ancestral home of Cacao, the Sur del Lago area has a predominantly tropical climate where temperatures and humidity remain high and constant throughout the year. The best batches of raw material, which are carefully selected and skilfully enhanced by our recipe, produce a connoisseur chocolate. That's the natural alchemy of Full Power Cacao.

What does Ceremonial Grade Cacao mean?

It is pure Cacao-bean paste: Ceremonial Cacao or ceremonial-grade Cacao, as it is also known, is a very specific type of product. It’s a 100% pure Cacao-bean paste that contains a much higher quantity of beneficial, health-restoring, and mood-elevating compounds than any other Cacao-based product on the market (like Cacao powder, non-ceremonial Cacao paste, dark chocolate, etc). They are Meso-American beans that have been fermented, lightly roasted, and ground into a paste. “Ceremonial-grade” Cacao, must be minimally processed, organically grown, and harvested in small-batches using traditional methods. 

Generally, Cacao is classified into three main categories: Criollo, Forestero and Trinitario. Criollo Cacao is delicate, with an incredible flavor profile, and that it constitutes less than 1% of all Cacao harvested in the world. This is usually the variety described as ‘ceremonial-grade’, though Trinitario is also often deemed appropriate for ‘ceremonial’ use, due to its very similar chemical composition. 

Our Cacao is from Sur Del Lago. 

 "Sur del Lago variety comes from the mythical Cacao Guasare, the first Cacao that existed on earth.”

The Cacao from Sur Del Lago is a variety originated from hybrids of Criollo (Criollo Porcelana, Criollo Mérida and Guasare), crossed with Trinitario constituting a “natural blend”.

This variety was named after the Cacao plantation area of Sur del Lago de Maracaíbo. 

Cacao (prounounced ka-kow) generally refers to the fruits and seeds (which we call beans) of the theobroma Cacao tree, a small evergreen native to tropical America.

The chocolate-related term cacahuatl is Nahuatl (Aztec language), derived from Olmec/Mayan etymology. Theobroma comes from the Greek words ‘theos’, meaning 'god', and ‘broma’ meaning 'food' therefore theobroma Cacao literally means the 'food of the gods'.

How much Cacao should I use each day and how do I make it?

For your daily dose we recommend 15-20g of Cacao. For a ceremonial dose we recommend 40 - 50g of Cacao. 

Place in a pan with a small amount of water or plant milk and whisk into a smooth paste on a low heat. Add the rest of your liquid and any sweetener and spice to taste. 

Serve hot but never boiling! Take a moment to smell the aroma, hold your Cacao close to your heart and connect with the love that exists inside of you. Feel the love vibration spread throughout your body as you enjoy this heat opening medicine. You can see all of our recipes here.

What is the best before date?

The best before date is on the back of our pack. The shelf life of our Cacao is around 5 years, however for trading standards we put between 18 - 22 months on our packs. We are sure your Cacao will be gone within weeks once you fall in love with this magical medicine!

Can I use a Velvetiser to make my Cacao?

Yes you can! Pour some hot water over the Cacao first to soften, or break down into smaller pieces. However, we do still recommend making the traditional way in a pan as it can lose potency.

Is there caffeine in Cacao?

There are traceable amounts of caffeine. Very little. It contains Theobroma which is a stimulant but a beautiful floaty, supportive and creative stimulant!

What is the nutritional information for your Cacao?

Nutrition information per 100g

ENERGY (kcal) 579.60

FATS (g) 52

Of which saturated (g) 33.30

Carbohydrates (g) 7.4

Of which sugars (g) 1

Proteins (g) 12.5

Salt (g) 3.3

Contains no added sugar

Can I eat the Cacao pieces?

Yes they can be eaten and used in cooking.

Can I drink Cacao while pregnant?

We are unable to give medical advice but have welcomed pregnant women to our ceremonies in the past who have enjoyed drinking our Cacao. We recommend drinking no more than half a cup (10-15g) of Cacao a day.

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