FULL POWER CACAO has been 10 years in the making, she was birthed in 2012 after Liam's trip to Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual adventure he met the Chocolate Shaman on the majestic Lake Atitlán and the trajectory of his life was changed forever. He worked closely with the Shaman and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Lady Cacao and wanted to share that magic with everyone he met. This is when the journey began.... Now that magic is ready to be shared with you and the whole world!

For the last two years Liam has been testing and researching cacao from all over the world with his team of healers and holistic therapists to finally bring you his FULL POWER CACAO brand. He has personally sourced this authentic, powerful, magical, heart opening plant medicine from Venezuela, to bring love and harmony to your heart and enrich your daily life. The most important element when choosing Cacao to put his name on was the vibration. It needed to blast the heart open so people could see the magnificence and love that was within them.

It needed powerful healing abilities to remove anything not in alignment with that magnificence! More than anything it needed to work in his Ceremonies, and man does this FULL POWER CACAO medicine do that!!! It changes peoples lives and brings them back into alignment with their highest selves! The fact it tastes amazing too, was just a divine blessing from the Cacao Gods, Lady Cacao and the Universe!!! Let me hear you say FULL POWER!!!!!


FULL POWER CACAO is going to be a major catalyst to bringing each individual back into their own personal power. The goodness in our FULL POWER CACAO focuses on empowering people to step into their own truth, to show the world the person they have always really been underneath all the programming expectation and conditioning. Cacao wants to make you accountable for your life, giving you the confidence to take ownership of your own uniqueness, letting nothing hold you back from all that is yours by divine right. We want people to reconnect with nature, to find some stillness and take some time to themselves, too rediscover themselves. To take time with Lady Cacao to set a loving and powerful intention each day and commit to making the world a better place starting right there inside your own heart. When we can connect to the heart space freely we realise there is no separation and all is joyful, blissful divinity. We want to reintroduce this to each and every human on the planet. You are the person you have been waiting for and FULL POWER CACAO will empower you to reveal this to yourself.

The internal energy FULL POWER CACAO creates is electrifying. It provides a safe space for you to feel the confidence to stop living life at half power and star living life at “FULL POWER”, Our Cacao is taking people to another level, feeling fully alive, inspired, and filled with love.

The internal energy FULL POWER CACAO creates is electrifying. It provides a safe space for you to feel the confidence to stop living life at half power and start living life at FULL POWER!


FULL POWER CACAO is here to change the vibration of the planet to one of heart centred empowerment and wisdom. We want to reveal each individuals unique magnificence to themselves so they can start vibrating high and not only having a positive impact on their lives but the lives of all those around them and the whole planet. FULL POWER CACAO wants to give people the gift of connection so they can truly believe that they are on this planet to be abundant in every way and live a life of peace, happiness, laughter and bliss.

Liam has also been holding his epic Cacao Ceremonies since 2012 after working with the Chocolate Shaman Keith in Guatemala. This has now expanded to a Cacao Teacher Training School and now FULL POWER CACAO. The mission is to keep spreading awareness to the hidden benefits of Cacao on a mind body and spirit level. This is a magical medicine that everyone needs to be educated on. The truth about chocolate has been hidden from us for so long. It is time that truth came out of the darkness and into the light.

Liam focuses his teachings on propelling people towards self realisation and enlightenment via the yogic path and Christ Conscious Energy. He incorporates the heart expanding magic of Cacao into all he does, including his Life Transforming Retreats, Yoga Raves, Cold Water Therapy and Ecstatic Dance’s. With the aid of Cacao he loves to mix the esoteric and holistic with electronic music and dance. Combined with FULL POWER CACAO they are the pulse of what is needed in the world right now. Liam feels his work with Cacao is his most powerful modality of connecting people to their hearts, filling them with love, allowing them to heal and realise they are divine beings with limitless possibilities. With his growing number of graduates and FULL POWER CACAO this healing love vibration of Lady Cacao is spreading far and wide.

PLAN MÁS CACAO project will directly benefit 500 farmers totalling 2,000 people including their families and, with the objective to reach 3,000 farmers


FULL POWER CACAO finds its origins in Venezuela where our cacao is planted, grown, picked and processed by family farmers. They are all part of the “PLAN MÁS CACAO” project which is a plan of growth for the farmers of Venezuelan cacao, to improve their quality of life through the productivity of the land, giving advice for handling the crops or by presence and direct contact with them in every cacao zone. This social program promotes sustainable development by promoting social inclusion and providing lasting economic growth for the farmers.

The implementation of this project will improve the competitiveness of the cacao sector in Venezuela through the development of technological, organisational and institutional innovations that will directly benefit 500 farmers totalling 2,000 people including their families and, with the objective to reach 3,000 farmers in the medium term totalling ~ 12,000 people including their families and deliver benefit in terms of sustainability and inclusion, facilitating the entry of Venezuelan cacao to differentiated markets worldwide in the process.

The “PLAN MÁS CACAO” project does not present negative environmental impacts. It is expected that the strengthening of capacities in the generation of validated models of sustainable cocoa production will collaborate with the development of new innovations that improve adaptation to climate change, and therefore productivity, food security, the well-being of family farmers, and the final consumer. The generation of new knowledge will reduce the negative impact on the environment, and therefore the vulnerability to any potential risk.